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Post 2 Host Rule - 1 Thread per month for VPS

We change our Post2Host rule and now our requirement is different however people who already complete their requirement can still get their VPS, You can PM me and I will provide you a signup link.

Rules for getting a free VPS.
1. One thread is requirement per month.

Thread must be based on tutorial with images, You can write tutorial only on related to hosting, software, OS.

List of topics you can write tutorial on this:
  • How to install, configure software on Linux OS like CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.
  • How to setup proxy on Ubuntu, etc.
  • How to any type of install,configure software on VPS, Server.
  • How to setup GIT, MariaDB, etc on VPS.
  • SSL Setup, Configuration, Apache, Ngnix setup, configuration, optimization.
  • Tutorial on taking backup of hosting,server on Dropbox, etc.
  • How to migrate server, vps, hosting, reseller.
  • Tips for choosing reseller hosting company. (Must be different)
  • Configure/Setup mail server, Remote mail server.
  • cPanel/WHM related tutorials.
  • Cloud related tutorial.
  • Setup Chat software on hosting/VPS.
  • Installing Java, JDK, Developer software.
  • Tips for Developers, How to become a developer.
  • How to setup FTP Client, Server with specific control panel.
  • How to install free control panel like CentOS Panel, Webmin on VPS/Server.
  • Squid proxy, etc related tutorial
  • Configure php, compile on cPanel, any other control panel.
  • Tutorial on Plesk.
  • Server monitoring software setup,configuration like Nagios.
  • Installing VPN, Configuring, Setup with Windows, MacOS (Complete tutorial)
  • SolusVM Setup
  • RAID Setup, Configuraiton, etc.
  • OpenVZ setup setup, configuration, VPS setup, etc.
  • Firewall of Windows, Linux, etc like iptables tutorial, new CentOS 7 firewall tutorial.
  • SSH Key, setup, etc.
  • Tunnel tutorial, Setup software, etc on OVH like installing and setting up SolusVM on OVH, firewall rule setup.
  • DirectAdmin tutorial
  • Blesta Tutorail
  • ClientExec, WHMCS, etc tutorial.
Is 1000 word tutorial is required?
If your tutorial is 800 word then its ok, We are not forcing you to write at lest 1k word Wink

Note: Tutorial must include image, If you are writing a tutorial on firewall like iptables then you can use image of firewall logo. Hope you understand.

How to start writing tutorial?
First, Decide that you want to write a tutorial on specific topic like "How to setup and configure CentOS 7 on VPS/Server", If you want to write tutorial on this topic then send me a PM, Once I will approve then you can write tutorial on this topic.

I need DirectAdmin/cPanel account for writing a tutorial?
We can provide you a account at free of cost for writing a tutorial, If you need VPS for writing a tutorial then you will be need to provide time like how much time you will take to write tutorial. We will  give you a temporary VPS for writing a tutorial.

Tutorial must be unique.
Content of tutorial must be unique and not copy paste from other site, We will check your tutorial and If tutorial is unique then we will instantly give you a Free VPS.

How much time you take to give free VPS?
Once you punish your tutorial then we will give you a VPS, no any delay. Before renewal you can write another tutorial before 30 day. If your tutorial published before 30 day then your VPS will be renewed for next 30 day.

Once anyone write a tutorial on specific category like "How to setup cPanel server on VPS" then we will not allow to write similar article on this topic but you can write tutorial on "How to optimize cpanel server after setup" or "how to install and configure CSF first time", etc but Any suggestion, comments are welcome Wink
Thanks given by: Gongora
Free VPS Big Grin ! I will prepare a tutorial soon. BTW I really like your forum and thank you for the giveaway!
Thanks given by:

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